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HomeCraft is one of the greatest window film companies in the Southeast. 3M™ window film provides protection & safety for what mayters most. Scroll down to see how HomeCraft can help you add security and privacy to your home.

3M™ Window Film:



  • All of the films we offer block 99.9% of Ultra Violet Radiation and the Infrared Spectrum.
  • This can help protect your furniture & your loved ones from UV damage.
  • The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of 3M™ window film.

Safety and security:

  • Security window film has the ability to deter break ins and protect your home.
  • Micro-layered design is tear-resistant and offers extra protection for property, people and possessions.
  • It's easier for homeowners to see out of windows at night with reduced glare.

Reduces energy costs:

  • Window film can reduce up to 60% of heat that comes from the sun and into your home.
  • Reduces glares up to 87%.
  • Reduces monthly utility costs up to 35%.
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you're just one step away from protection & security

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